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A Touch of Grace Music Ministry - is a vibrant Inspirational singing group from Bowie, Maryland that is under the direction of one of Washington, DC’s renowned veteran songwriter, musician, and producer; Harold Sutton.

The objective and purpose of A Touch of Grace is to reach out to the communities across the country with our Inspirational music, books, and media ministry to bring about healing and restoration to those who lost their way in life.  We have given free performances for Churches, Senior Citizens, and have partnered with the Lupus Foundation to bring about awareness of that dreadful disease. 

We have consistently work voluntarily without a budget never charging a fee and we will continue to operate in that way.   It is our desire to make an impact and a difference in our communities all around our nation.

"Knox Lullaby" 

(The Healing Song)

On social music outlets everywhere!

Friday, July 15, 2016

With all the sickness disease and social challenges that we're experiencing in our world today the people are broken hurt afraid, nervous, scared and lost. I asked God to give me what He gave King David and that was the ability to drive demonic forces away and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility through music.

I left the recording industry years ago to focus on ministry and a greater anointing. I started a consecration over a melody that God has given me to do warfare in the spirit realm. A song that would bring comfort, healing, an atmosphere of tranquility and peace.

Back in February 2016 a young lady was having complication while giving birth i told the young lady mother to hold the phone up and put it on the loud speaker so it could saturate the atmosphere and i played the Healing Song over the phone. The young lady who pressure was dropping suddenly recovered.

on last week a cancer patient told me that the cancer has become aggressive. I told her about the music of healing and comfort that God has given me and i sent it to her with instructions. to play it every morning, during her devotional time, at night when she goes to bed let it loop play continuously throughout the night. She told me that the fear has been lifted and she is trusting God for a healing.

On tonight i get a call and was asked about the music that brings comfort and how to get a copy. I told her that it will be on the market July 15. She responded and said i need it for tomorrow because a friend of mine is going to the hospital tomorrow to have a double mastectomy. I told her i would send a mp3 file and i did with instructions.

People of God ministers of music artists, musicians it's time to allow the anointing to minister to the people of God. to break yokes of bondage, and bring a healing to the body, mind and spirit of man. There's no grander stage or reward.

If you know someone who is terminally ill, broken, lost, contact me for this Song of Healing and Comfort "Knox Lullaby" The Healing Song. It will be available on July 15. throughout social music outlets everywhere. If you can't wait until the july 15th, hit me up here on Facebook and i'll get an mp3 audio file to you. The music is free all i asked is that you go to my website and donate any amount to be a blessing to our ministry that we may continue to render our service to the communities at no charge thank you.

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A Chair For A Soul 


HERCULES Series 18.5''W Stacking Church Chair in Burgundy Fabric - Silver Vein Frame

A Touch of Grace Ministries are currently in the process of securing our own building for multipurpose usage. To house a Worship, Administration and educational Center.  The first Phase of our project will focus on the 100 seat worship Center.  We are soliciting support to purchase 100 chairs at the price of $35.00 per chair.   Click on our secure paypal donation button,.Thank you for your support as we continue to serve our community. 

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A Touch of Grace Ministries

I am proud of the work we have done so far this year.  But we have tough fights on the horizons, and we need your continued support to be successful!


Make a positive difference in the lives of people by making a donation to our ministry or purchasing our ministry and Castleridge music, books products.Your purchases and donations gives us the support we need to achieve our goals! 

Castleridge Music Group

giveaway 3 digital Pianos to Students 

March 29, 2017

Tina L. Wills THANK YOU Harold Sutton for planting this seed into Kris Harris life words can not explain what he is feeling right now all he can say is THANK YOU! 

Harold Sutton The Castleridge Music Group is not only about creating music we believe in empowering our youth the next generation that will take it all to the next level. We at Castleridge wish Kris the best while studying the arts i know he will do well. God bless you both!


Now Available! 

A Touch of Grace


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Our music ministry is in the process of purchasing a tour bus and we need your support! Castleridge Music Group is a debt free Ministry and we will continue in that vain. We need to raise $150,000.00 to pay for a new bus so we can continue to reach communities across these United States of America.

We need you to sow $100.00 and in return you will receive a copy of our brand new cd "Conversation" and two of our latest books; "Restoration of the Levitical Priesthood", "Dad Don't You Love Me" and also receive a Lifetime Membership Card that will give you 50% off every product and concert tickets of the Castleridge Music Group!

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 "Dad Don't You Love Me" 

This book is an autobiographical chronicle of the author's experience as both a son with an absent father and a father faced with the potential loss of his children, through his actions.

Broken relationships, broken trust, infidelity that translate into the children being left behind and overlooked because of momma, daddy, drama!

By telling this story i hope to encourage redefining parental roles; and wanting people to be accountable and really think about how children are damaged because of the lack of nurturing from mom and the non visible presence of dad.

And last but not least to discourage infidelity. The tragedy of infidelity is that innocent kids are born out of this....and end up living an unbalanced life because dad has a family elsewhere! Purchase your copy today

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Restoration of the Levitical Priesthood

Is Now Available!

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Harold Sutton 57th Birthday Celebration @ the Carlyle 2013
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Castleridge Scholarship Awards Banquet July, 2012

Special thanks to all who contributed to make this event a night to remember!

Dr.Theresa Poussaint, Sean Sarvis, Kevette Burwell, Valorie Brown, Abdul & the D.A. Team, Jesse Billingslea, Kevin Billingslea, Steven Garrison, Clarissa Sellers, Arlette Ballenger, Donita Wright, the Carlyle staff, Castleridge Music staff, the donations, and you who were in attendance.  See you next year!

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